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  • Does your hand stick to the surface of your Wacom tablet?
  • Do you find that your hand sticks to and raises the overlay on your Intuos tablet?
  • Does your hand leave smudges on your Cintiq tablet?

Here is the answer. This two-fingered glove covers your little and ring fingers and the side of your hand so that you can move your hand over your Wacom tablet without it sticking to the tablet, raising the overlay, or leaving smudges.Your hand will glide easily over the tablet surface, allowing you to concentrate on your task.

The glove is suitable for right- and left-handers and leaves the fingers exposed except for the little and ring fingers. This allows you to grip your pen without hindrance and also allows you to perform other tasks between stints at your tablet, such as typing or gripping a coffee mug.

The glove is washable and made of 87Variable Not Found: ' nylon and 13' spandex.

To work out which size you need, align your knuckles against a ruler to find the width of your hand:

XS (Extra Small) up to 67mm
S (Small) up to 77mm
M (Medium) up to 87mm
L (Large) up to 97mm
XL (Extra Large) up to 107mm

This item is the extra small size glove.

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