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A collection of spare parts for the KP-501E Grip Pen.
The nibs are also compatible with the Intuos/Cintiq Classic Pen (KP-300E) and the Intuos/Cintiq Airbrush Pen (KP-400E). They are NOT suitable for other Wacom pens such as the Intuos Inking Pen (KP-130) and the Intuos/Cintiq Art Pen (KP-701E).
(Note that the product has also been listed with the product-code FUZ-A118 or KSH-A110.)
  • Thick-bodied rubber grip for use without side-switch
  • Standard rubber grip for use without side-switch
  • Replacement side-switch
  • 1 standard black nib
  • 5 stroke nibs
  • 5 hard felt nibs
  • 5 flex nibs
  • Nib extractor

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